Lisa Shaw

From: Lisa Shaw

I had an awesome instructor Andy Brooks who taught me to drive through lets learn 2 drive, just before he went out on his own. Andy put me completely at ease as I was extremely nervous. Andy allowed me to experience different situation when learning, with his great methods of coaching and experience I have become a safe; confident driver. Thank You Andy! ;o)


Arron Bell

From: Arron Bell

From my first lesson Andy picked up on my strengths and weaknesses and was therefore able to give me extra help and advice on certain areas. This meant that I was able to advance faster than I perhaps would have with another instructor. Although lessons can be hard work Andy’s affable nature means that they never feel like a chore but rather something to look forward to.

Sarah Chinall

From: Sarah Chisnall

Andy is a great instructor and always caters the lessons to the needs of the learner. If you have any worries or concerns on a certain element of driving then extra help will be available. For example, I had become a nervous driver on country lanes after being a passenger in a car accident. We spent a couple of lessons building up my confidence and making sure I felt I could control the car in this situation. Andy has helped me to rebuild my confidence on the roads and helped me learn driving skills I will need for the rest of my life.

Joshua Chittock

From: Joshua Chittock

Andy doesn’t teach you too pass a test. He teaches you the skills needed so that once you have passed, you are set for the rest of your life. He’s teaching techniques are faultless. He takes the time to tailor the lesson to your strengths and weaknesses. I have had a few previous instructors. And I can honestly say that he is hands down one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. So thank you so very much Andy!

Thanks Andy B

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