Lessons and Prices

With the Driving test becoming, harder and harder to pass, than it was 30 years ago. Only 32% of students passed first time over the past few year.

The DVSA, give guide lines, on their website, stating the average student, will need to take,  50 hours of lessons with an instructor and 20 hours of private practice (Practising what they have learned), to get to test standard.

To make the most of a driving lesson, it’s more cost effective, to have a 2 hour lesson now. Mainly because, in a 1 hour lesson, you will find, you’re just getting the hang of it! And I’ll be saying “okay lets start making for home now”. I know, mum and dad. It’s not an easy pill to swallow but if you look at the table below. It will explain why. Or if you want to book lessons now just scroll to the bottom of the page!


Why two Hour Lessons?


Two-hour lesson are more efficient.

If you take an average lesson and consider that it will be broken up the following way.

(Times given in minutes are a guide only)

Moving to training area              5-10

Review and briefing                  10

Recap                                    5

Theory                                   5

Return home                           5-10

In a one hour lesson, this only leaves, around 30 minutes of “Real time Practice

Now compare this to the same time, in a two hour lesson. “This leaves 90 minutes of “Real time Practice” learning time is Three Times the amount, compared to a one hour lesson at only twice the cost.

In reality, this means, that what would have taken you three weeks to do in a one hour lesson. You could have done in one week, with a two hour lesson! And that’s not even taking into consideration, what you will forget between lessons!

The good news, though, Mum and Dad.

I can, on average, get a student ready for their test, in around 36-42 hours, with my techniques and free hand out sheets, that they can read between lessons to help them keep what they have learned, fresh in their minds, until the next lesson. They do need to keep reading them though! Or they will forget and that will cost more on recapping lessons.

Listed below are my current prices.

  • Hourly Lessons
  • 40 Hours Block Booking (Full course, up to test)
  • 2 Hourly Lesson
  • Dual Carriageway Lessons (3 hours)
  • 6 Hours Block Booking
  • Motorway Lessons (3hour)
  • 10 Hours Block Booking
  • Pass Plus Courses from (6 Hours – 8 Hours)
  • 20 Hours Block Booking
  • PDI’s Training and Taxi Drivers (per Hour)
  • Guaranteed Pass
£1899.00 This is subject to a 2 hour assessment lesson (included) and your theory test passed . This includes, the 3 hour lesson on your test day, the price of your next test, and continues for as long as it takes you to pass! Terms Apply.
  • Intensive Courses
£915.00 This is subject to a 2 hour assessment lesson (included) and your theory test passed and includes the 3 hour lesson on your test day. Terms Apply.
  • The full Monty!

includes: 40 hours of coaching, 1 theory test, 1 driving test and 3 hour on the day of your test.


The DVSA recommend, the the average amount of hours a 17-24 year old student should have to pass their driving test, is 50 hours with an instructor and 20 hours of private practice, to reach test standard. This is due to there being 3 times as much traffic on the roads today, compared to 30 years ago.

I can generally do this in around 36-42 due to my teaching technics and the  handouts I give after each lesson.

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