Coaching you to becoming a Safer Driver For The Rest Of Your Life. Not Just Your Driving Test

Welcome to Andy B’s School of Driving

Delivering driving lessons to Swadlincote, Newhall, Midway or within 3 miles of DE11 0UT. If your address isn’t here, Contact us on 07762146681 to see if we cover your area. WE ARE STILL £5.00 PER HOUR CHEAPER THAN THE AA 

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Book our “Full Monty Package” and Save £320.00!

Normal price £1,870.00

Included in this Package: 

40 Hours of Private Coaching 

Theory Test Booking, 

Driving Test Booking, 

Hours on Test Day 

FREE Access to Our Theory Test Site,  

4  Hours of Private One to One Theory Coaching

Student Bundle Package Worth Over £120.00!

Cost for all of this is now just £1,550.00!  

We are a driving school that will tell you our prices. Not give you a hard sell when you phone.

I am a driving instructor, not a salesman! If you phone me, it’s because you do like the prices you have seen and I can then, concentrate on getting the background information, I need to get you the most out of every lesson you have with me.

After all is said and done. That’s why you visited my site, right? You was looking for one or all of the points below….

  • You know someone that wants driving lessons or are looking for yourself.
  • You are looking to find a good deal.
  • You want value for money and make progress with every lesson you 

Please read the information below first. To get a bit of background information of what you are getting for your money.

Established driving school, offering a friendly, fun, reliable, and quality service. We make every effort to ensure that the quality of your time with us is an enjoyable one. We are happy to offer previous customers for references and these can be used to gauge the quality of our driving instruction.

We offer Free Theory Test support, including a free website to help get a first time pass. In the nine years of having the site. every student, that has used it constantly, passed first time. This is mainly due to me being able to login, to their account and see their strengths and weaknesses, we can then practice, in car, the parts they don’t understand. It also means I can get a good idea of their chances of a pass and advice them as to the best time to book their theory Test, instead of them guess if they are ready! Also included in your hourly rate, is, 4 hours of one to one time with me on the phone for theory test coaching! (After 7pm – 9pm) You don’t have to do anything on your own, I’m always available to help. I am passionate about my students and I not only want them to do well but I also want the same as you. For them to be safe and confident on our ever increasingly busy roads!!!

  • Intensive courses
  • Over £120 of  FREE course material
  • Pass Plus Courses
  • Taxi Driver Courses ( you now need to take a 40 minute test to be a taxi Driver)
  • part 1,2 and 3 PDI training

Established in 2010 So, we have a long running track record,
we get constant emails, from the DVSA, to ensure we are up to date with all of the new techniques needed, to coach our students on they’re road to success and a First Time Pass. We are averaging around 85%!
We also specialise in nervous drivers, weather they are new to driving or returning after a long break
Andy B’s School of Driving is a well established driving school that has built up our reputation over the years. and we are very proud that we get a lot of our business from referrals.
We also pride ourselves, on our commitment to provide a professional and friendly service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of coaching.
Laid down by the DVSA’s standards.
We have a proven track record of effective problem solving and attention to detail even with our more nervous clients and adapt our coaching to the clients needs and not just a set syllabus!
We take on all types of clientele from beginners to full license holders, all carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive prices. We are still Cheaper than a lot of the big named driving schools in the area and give away a lot more for free too!
Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer and that is why We have a FREE Theory Practice site, so there is no need for paying out £££ on all these CD’s and books that all the big companies make, when you can have our site for free, when you become a student with us! for those who find the theory side of things difficult. We can even arrange one-to-one practice sessions to help you along the way.
We also have a “student Bundle, which is given to all students at the end of every lesson and builds into a practice book to help you remember bits of a lesson that you may have forgotten.
All prices are listed on our website so have a look there or alternatively call the number above.
We look forward to hearing from you. A good example of this, is, You can now cross your arms in the Driving test! 99% of Driving instructor’s, don’t even know this and don’t teach it!! to me that’s disgusting, they don’t know about it! What else are they not up to date about with the new rules and laws that are constantly changing?

You see to me, a Training Session, should be fun and relaxed. Of course it’s a serious matter. You will be getting a licence to drive on the road ALONE! So although I hope you have fun in your Training Sessions, we do have to think of the safety factors, of what you are learning too! Remember. It’s not just you on the road. You have to learn to deal with other drivers too and they may not know the most up to date methods  of driving like you and this is the real danger!

I hope this has given you a rough idea of, how a lesson with me will go and give me a chance to get you that all important Full Licence and have the skills to be a safe driver, for the rest of your life. Not just to get you through a driving test! After all, that’s the idea, right? To have fun, enjoy driving but ultimately be safe!

The training car you will be using for training is an AUDI A3 30TDI S LINE (July 2021).

Pick up service for students so if you work or are in collage/university and within 10 miles to home. You will start your lesson from there and be dropped off at home at the end, as long as it’s within our catchment area.

Stage payments for our tuition and all lessons come complete with a smile and relaxed Training Coach.

We specialize in:

  • Learner Driver Lessons
  • Refresher Courses
  • All weather Driving
  • Pass Plus Courses
  • Motorway & Duel 
  • Carriageway Training
  • Theory Test support
  • Night Driving lessons
  • Short Notice Test Bookings
  • Weekend and Evening Training still Available.
  • PDI Training

We have now also starting training on the New Taxi driver test too.

Useful information for all road users

There is often much confusion on how to deal with and be a safe cyclist.

Below is a short video for you to watch that will clear up some of those issues and hopefully clear up some of your questions, weather you are just learning to use the roads or been on them in some form, for years.   Its only an 8 minute video. But could save many accidents on our roads. Lets face it. Know one goes out in the morning wanting to be involved in an accident. In the most part, its because we have a lack of a good knowledge base on the subject or picked up some bad habits! So please take the time and watch it. It may save someone’s life in the future…..

Click Here to watch Video

The DVSA recommend, the the average amount of hours a 17-24 year old student should have to pass their driving test, is 50 hours with a Training Coach and 20 hours of private practice, to reach test standard. This is due to there being 3 times as much traffic on the roads today, compared to 30 years ago.

I can generally do this in around 40 due to my teaching technics and the FREE handouts I give out after each lesson.

Earn commission by referring friends and family

Yes that’s right. If you refer a friend or family member. You can earn £20 cash back for each one or one hour free. If you are still taking lesson yourself, when they book 10 hours or more! this is on going. So it doesn’t matter how long you do it for. They only need to tell me your name and you receive the cash!!!

I may not be able to answer, if I’m already out with a student but I will always ring you back after 7 pm that evening, if you call.

For more information, Text or phone  us and we’ll get back to you.